We’re always on the lookout for the best casino offers, so you can find them easily, all in one place. Here are some of the best offers exclusive to keep your eyes peeled for

We’re always on the lookout for the best casino offers, so you can find them easily, all in one place. Here are some of the best offers exclusive to keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Free spins: This is a great offer to receive, either as a new player or an existing one. Free spins give you free chances to win, but without the wagering requirements, so you’ll often get to keep any wins incurred from the spins.
  • Bonus spins: Kind of similar to free spins, bonus spins give you ‘free’ chances to win on a slot  but any wins will need to be wagered to satisfy requirements before you can make a withdrawal. We’ll always tell you the terms and conditions for these offers, so you can make sure you’re playing with the lowest wagering requirements at a casino.
  • Promos: The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve taken your welcome offer, and many casinos offer regular promotions for existing players to keep them coming back. 

When playing with casino offers, make sure to always read the terms and conditions to check you’re getting the best offer possible. Many promotions and offers will have wagering requirements tied to them, which is totally standard but also super important.

Play your favourite games in casinos

Due to regulations, only games from licensed gaming developers can be offered to players. The good news is that most gaming developers do hold licences, and the selection of online slots and other casino games for the market is constantly growing.

  • Slots: Our team of casino experts review new online slots as they launch to give you everything you need to know about a slot before you play, and whether or not it’s worth your time.
  • Casino games: Besides slots, players can also enjoy a wide range of everything from online roulette to blackjack, poker and more. We also provide updated reviews and information of these casino games, all conveniently listed on one page.

Can I play in casinos without a gambling licence?

You might be able to, but we really recommend that you don’t. You won’t find non-licensed casinos here anyway, but if you happened to find one online it’s highly likely that it will be shut down soon. It’s also not safe or legal to play at a casino without a gambling licence since their legitimacy hasn’t been verified.

Are my online casino winnings tax-free?

For now, all your online casino winnings are indeed tax-free. Happy days!

Is it legal to play in online casinos?

As long as the online casino operator holds a licence, it is 100% legal to play, provided you’re 18 years or older and you do not make payments using your credit card. It is your responsibility to ensure you are playing legally online so do make sure you meet any legal requirements before playing for real money.

Are there any exclusive offers for casino players?

Absolutely, and often casino players are given a different offer from the rest of Europe. Make sure to check out the offers above to see what’s currently on offer.

Can I trust the payout percentages at a casino?

As part of the regulation, casinos must be upfront about their payout percentages across all games. So yes, you can trust the payout percentages.

What is the KYC check?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that casinos must complete before you can begin playing. It involves checking you are who you say you are, along with where you’ve received your money from. It may seem a bit boring to do, but it’s extremely important in preventing anti-money laundering and problem gambling.

What documents do casinos request?

This can vary from casino to casino, but generally, casinos will ask for identifying documents such as a copy of your passport, bank card and utility bills with your name and address on them. To prove your source of funds, you may also need to provide bank statements, invoices or similar documents.

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