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Perhaps you have already grappled with the question of whether online casino gambling is legal in South Africa or not? The answer to whether an online casino is legal requires a lot of background knowledge. For this, you must know the current regulations and take a close look at the online casinos.

Today I will bring you up to date and give you the most important information to find out for yourself whether a casino provider is legal. If you just want to gamble, you can find legal online casinos for South african players here.

All of the online casinos listed above meet certain criteria, which I will go into in more detail in the following sections. Because if these criteria are met, then you are playing legally in the online casinos. In addition, players from South Africa will learn what they have to consider since the renewal of the previously expired licences. A valid gambling licence is indispensable and is considered a basic requirement for an online casino in South Africa

Approved online casinos in South Africa by category

Not every player has the same taste or likes the same casino games. Since not every online casino has an identical range of games of chance, we have sorted the test winners of the approved online casinos in South Africa by category for you.

What else you should watch out for

Even if a licence is a basic requirement, you will still find providers who try to rip off customers through illegal methods. A basic legality does not say anything about the quality of the service. That’s why you should check every provider for certain criteria. Here you will find my test criteria that have proven to be useful in assessing the seriousness and quality of an online casino. Players who would like to deposit higher amounts should also make sure that the online casinos have no deposit limits.

Choosing the right payment provider – What about PayPal?

One thing I want to talk about here in the context of legal casinos in South Africa is the payment providers you can use there. This is not so much about illegal payment options, but about legal framework conditions that have an influence on the given options. PayPal in particular is worth mentioning in this context. As you may have read, PayPal has currently withdrawn from the South African casino market. The reason for this is the current legal uncertainty as no new gambling law has been concluded. Here you can find out more about PayPal, including the best alternatives until PayPal is available again. The most important alternative is paysafecard. On my page about the prepaid card you will find everything about how to pay paysafe in the Online Casino South Africa.

Attention – how to recognise illegal casinos and avoid traps

There are many casinos on the net and new providers appear every day. But not all of them are legal in South Africa. The criteria described so far are first clues to recognise whether an online casino is legal. Nevertheless, criminal energy is sometimes not to be underestimated. You are always on the safe side with my legal casinos in South Africa. In the following, however, I would like to tell you about a few traps that I have come across from time to time in my many years of work as a casino tester and that should immediately light up all the red lights for you.

Casinos that have proven to be illegal and dubious can be found on my blacklist. These providers are also excluded from all casino affiliate programmes. Their licence has been revoked by the authorities. If you have an account with one of these providers, please contact the respective regulatory authority to have your money paid out.

These casinos are illegal and dubious:

– Bettix

– 21 Bet

– Bigbetworld

– Premiumbull

– GameBet

– Riverbet

– Wishmeluck

– Mister Ringo

Stay away from these providers. If you have had a bad experience with an online casino, please contact me. I will look into the matter and, if it turns out to be illegal, I will add the provider to my blacklist of real money casinos.

Conclusion – legal gambling is possible

As you can see, you can play legally in an online casino, even in South Africa. The basic requirement is a European licence. This means that gambling is tolerated and you have the possibility to legally defend yourself in case of problems. I have also shown you what else you should pay attention to. You can even legally play craps in the casino or visit legal baccarat casinos for table game classics.

If you want to concentrate mainly on gambling, I recommend my tested legal online casinos from the table at the beginning. These are good Zar casinos where I have already done all the checks for you.

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