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Deposit and withdraw anonymously, quickly and securely in online casinos – Bitcoin makes it possible. So it’s no wonder that the digital currency is spreading like wildfire in the world of gambling. The best reputable Bitcoin casinos are waiting for you below – as well as all kinds of exciting information about the popular cryptocurrency. 

The 10 best German Bitcoin Casinos

There are numerous features that distinguish recommendable from dubious online casinos. For example, good South African Bitcoin casinos should not only generally accept players from South Africa, but the Bitcoin casino should also offer Zar as a language version or at least have English-speaking customer support. The following casino sites have a valid state licence so that gambling can be offered legally and played safely in South Africa.

My Bitcoin Casino Experience – All about gambling with cryptocurrencies.

If you’ve never paid with Bitcoin before, you might wonder if it’s complicated. There is good news in this regard: Payments in online casinos with Bitcoin are essentially carried out similarly to other payment methods. However, there are still a few small things to consider. I would like to share my personal Bitcoin casino experiences with you on the following topics:

Is it safe to pay at BTC Casino?

BTC is a decentralised blockchain. Therefore, there is no higher authority that checks or approves the payment. You simply send the corresponding amount to the desired address and the transaction is recorded in the blockchain. All credit balances and addresses are publicly visible in the blockchain, but cannot be manipulated. However, the credit is only safe if you protect it with your own private key. A private key is literally the key to all access to a specific Bitcoin address, which is called a public key (as an analogy to an account number). You can find more information about this in the “Security” section.

Gambling providers like my best bitcoin casino sites always transmit all communication and payment transactions in encrypted form. But even if the individual public keys are intercepted, this data is completely useless without the corresponding private key. That is why the public keys can be shared publicly without hesitation. Paying in the Bitcoin Casino is therefore more secure than with other payment methods.

Best Bitcoin Casinos: How the deposit works

If you click on deposit in a crypto casino, you can first select the desired method. Even if it is a casino with Bitcoin deposit, all other classic payment methods such as credit cards, wallets or transfers are also available in top casinos. Once you have selected BTC, you will be given an address (public key) that belongs to your casino account. Now you have to determine the amount you want to send to your casino account.

The transaction amount is usually given in BTC. However, to be on the safe side, there is usually a calculator where you can enter an amount in euros and the corresponding bitcoin equivalent will be displayed. You then go to your Bitcoin wallet and enter the public key of the casino account and the transfer amount. You also have to set the transaction fee, unless the wallet does this for you automatically.

After you have clicked the “Send” button, the transaction is sent to the blockchain network and checked and executed by it. An accepted payment can then be found in the blockchain and is immediately considered to have been made. The credit is then available in the casino. Please note, however, that the confirmation of the payment takes a few minutes.

Since the block time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, you have to wait at least until the next block until your payment is listed. This is quick if there are not too many open payments in the network that do not fit into one block. In this case, the miners who add the transactions to the blockchain will prioritise payments with higher fees. All transactions that are not included remain in the network and wait for the next block.

Fees for Bitcoin payments

I have already briefly touched on the subject of fees. For transactions, the remitter must pay a fee to the network, which is distributed to the miners as a reward for their work. In many cases, you can set the amount of this fee as you wish. But you should not forget: The higher the fee, the more likely the transaction will be added to the blockchain in the next block.

However, modern wallets offer an option to calculate the fee automatically depending on the network load, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. The casino itself does not take any additional fees for the deposit but must bear the fees even for a withdrawal. More on this topic in the Bitcoin Casino Withdrawal section.

The best offers for new customers

According to my personal Bitcoin Casino experience, almost every provider also offers a welcome bonus for the first deposit. This offer can either be given directly as a Bitcoin bonus or you get a euro bonus if the casino account is managed in euros.

Like all other bonuses and promotions, a BTC bonus is also linked to various conditions. You should know them to be able to assess an offer and find out what exactly awaits you. You can find exciting information about bonus conditions and much more on my topic page about the Bitcoin Casino Bonus.

Are there ₿ no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonus offers are rather rare. If anything, most no deposit casinos award free spins instead of real money starting credits. Both can be used to win real money. However, while players can use the bonus credit on any games, free spins are meant for very specific online slots. Bonuses can also be released in a bitcoin casino without a deposit and the corresponding conditions apply in every online casino.

Some Bitcoin casinos also have no deposit bonus offers, whereby the deposit method is initially independent of the free offer. But if you are planning to deposit or withdraw with Bitcoin, you can use such a bonus to quickly test the Bitcoin casino with its free spins.

Fairness at BTC online casinos

BTC casinos must also have a gambling licence and are therefore subject to the control of a regulatory authority. This also ensures the fairness of the games in online casinos with Bitcoin, because all game results can also be viewed by the authority and are evaluated by external companies at regular intervals. These payout reports then list the odds from all stakes and winnings, from which you can see the house edge of the individual games. This is the standard that makes online games safe at all recommendable reputable casinos, regardless of the payment methods.

By the way, providers with payout ratios (RTP values) of usually 95%+ are considered the best fair South African bitcoin casinos and are proof of non-manipulated games. Well-known authorities for online gambling are located in Malta, Gibraltar or Curaçao. Some casinos with a licence from Schleswig-Holstein are also active in the world of gambling. The logo and the name of the respective competent authority can be found at the bottom of every casino page. If you want to find out more about the RTP values of the various online casino games, you can find a lot of exciting information about high payout ratios in top casinos on my special topic page.

What you have to consider when making a Bitcoin withdrawal

The very first withdrawal in any casino must first go through the so-called KYC procedure. KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” – which means: know your customer. This is required for all payments on the internet for the prevention of money laundering. Only when identity has been clearly proven can payments be made at will. The customer service of every casino will therefore request a copy of your identity card. You can upload this directly on the casino website or send it to the support team by email.

Once this step has been completed (the check rarely takes longer than a day), the payment can be made. To do this, you have to tell the casino the public key of your wallet, which is usually done when you request a withdrawal. The casino then forwards the transfer to the P2P network of the blockchain and waits there for confirmation. Depending on the amount of the fees specified by the casino, this can take faster or slower. You should therefore have a little patience with every transaction.

If you want to find out more and find out what regulations there may be for payouts, then my special page on the topic of casinos with the fastest payouts will help you.

Is it also possible to pay with BTC in the sports betting sector?

You can easily pay with BTC not only in the online casino, but also in the sports betting sector. This option is just as secure and faster as using a credit card or an eWallet like Neteller. As a rule, there are no additional costs for deposits and withdrawals when you want to place bitcoin bets.

Due to the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions, this option is already very popular with many South African players. I also had only very good experiences during my test. The deposit and withdrawal limits are set by each provider themselves, which is why you should definitely inform yourself in advance.

Why BTC Casinos? The advantages and disadvantages compared to other payment methods

Why is Bitcoin popular with players and casinos alike? For casinos, of course, the obvious advantage is being able to offer another payment option for its customers. But why do players want to pay with cryptocurrencies? For one thing, it is a modern payment method and also brings other advantages besides security and low fees. The advantages, but also disadvantages for casinos and players are briefly listed here:

Especially for crypto beginners, the understanding of how to set up the wallet, the importance of the keys as well as the greater responsibility for one’s own funds is a change and it first takes some time to familiarise yourself with it. After that, however, you can benefit from very flexible limits and, even with a high roller deposit, from extremely low fees if the speed of the transactions is not so important to you.

In return, you have a higher level of security (as with Ethereum casinos) than with alternatives such as Mastercard credit card, giropay or e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. There are also no costs as high as with a bank – even with a very high high roller deposit. If you want to use Bitcoin, no registration is necessary. You simply create your own Bitcoin address independently of any institution. Only the price fluctuations currently deter many people from using it in their daily lives.

Playing with Bitcoin in online casinos

In the top Bitcoin casinos, we distinguish between two different cases. Firstly: The deposit is made by Bitcoin – but the deposited credit is kept in euros as usual. In this case, you can play virtually all casino games that can also be found in other casinos. Secondly: A real casino with Bitcoin also keeps your deposit on the casino account as Bitcoin credit. However, you can then only play Bitcoin casino games. The following sections show which casino games you can play with Bitcoin.

Since the stakes in Bitcoin games are also placed in BTC, the amounts are correspondingly small due to the high Bitcoin rate. Therefore, after the games, I provide a small overview of how much the Bitcoin amounts are worth in zar.

Playing slots with real ₿ stakes

If you deposit with Bitcoin, you will certainly want to play slot machines with Bitcoin. When creating an account, make sure that BTC is also selected. Some BTC casinos offer both crypto and euro at the same time, in which case you have to select which currency you want to play with in the account area.

In all of the casinos listed above, you can play directly with Bitcoin. However, there is also a slot with a crypto theme that can be played in other real money casinos with euros. You can try out the Bitcoin slot Satoshis Secret for free in the online casino presented below. By the way, you can find many more Bitcoin slots on my special page.

This Bitcoin game comes from the provider Endorphina, but BTC casinos often have many other game manufacturers under contract. The best known are, for example, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Bally Wulff, Amatic or Betsoft – to name just a few. You can find all the details in the test reports on the respective providers.

Table Games – Play Poker, Roulette & Blackjack with BTC.

Good BTC casinos are excellent for table games. I also paid attention to the turnover requirements of the Bitcoin bonus for roulette and blackjack games in the Bitcoin casino test. The following Bitcoin Roulette & Blackjack Casinos have the best combination of game selection and bonus offer as well as easy to fulfil bonus conditions.

On my subpages you will find more information about Bitcoin Blackjack Casino and Bitcoin Roulette Casinos. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to try out different Bitcoin Poker and BTC Video Poker variants. The latter are particularly impressive due to their high payout ratios.

Live Dealer ₿ Casinos with Real Croupiers

In addition to software-based table games, a modern Bitcoin Live Casino also has live dealer tables, where you can sit down directly at a real table via live stream. The real dealers shuffle and deal the cards and throw the ball into the roulette wheel. Players can watch every detail from multiple angles. Here are the best Bitcoin live dealer casinos listed.

Besides blackjack and roulette, other popular games in the real-time stream casino are hold’em, baccarat, various other poker variants or dice games such as sic bo. You can find a lot of general information and the best payment-independent live dealer casinos on my special topic page on live dealer games.

What is Bitcoin?

The fact that we are talking about a cryptocurrency here is already an indication that it is different from the classic ones we use day in, day out. There are therefore special features that need to be taken into account and which I will now discuss in more detail.

What is Bitcoin anyway?

Bitcoin is a completely digital and decentralised currency. In other words, it is not a physical medium of exchange where there are real coins and notes. There is no institution that can influence this currency and it is not tied to a specific country or space. Moreover, Bitcoin does not need any banks at all. So with Bitcoins, you can shop all over the world without the need for a middleman to act between the parties involved in transfers. Transfer fees are thus reduced to a minimum. Another special feature is the fact that the money flows can be made almost, but not completely, anonymous.

The idea for this originated in a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The paper dealt with the problem of conventional means of payment. This is about the fact that currencies do not work without trust. Nakamoto’s paper proposed a solution to the problem and developed an alternative. As a result, the Bitcoin network was created on 03.01.2009. It is not known who Nakamoto really is. There are various assumptions circulating on the net, but they all have in common that they cannot be confirmed.

However, the term currency is not correct in the context of Bitcoin. Currencies are a state-recognised means of payment that must be accepted. Bitcoin does not yet have this status and must therefore actually be called a simple means of payment. Nevertheless, for the sake of simplicity, everyone continues to call it cryptocurrency.

What makes Bitcoin so interesting for online casinos?

Several aspects of the cryptocurrency make it so interesting and attractive for Bitcoin gambling. One point is the data protection during payments. If you pay with Bitcoin, sensitive personal data such as your account details are not sent along. The initially disreputable reputation of anonymous payment has contributed to the fact that it has become a popular means of payment on the dark web after all. However, payments are not really completely anonymous, as described in the section on security aspects.

Then there is the convenience of the currency, especially in terms of paying in secure Bitcoin casinos. This means you can pay bills abroad without having to exchange your money. Since no banks are involved, these transactions are not only cheap, but can also be carried out at any time. In addition, the processing of transactions is relatively quick.

However, there are also a few things here that somewhat diminish the positive impression of Bitcoin gambling. Bitcoin is still not a widely accepted means of payment despite its recent successes. In contrast to traditional currencies, it can only be used with profound knowledge. Another limitation is the highly fluctuating value of the currency. It is precisely this fluctuation that has led many to use the currency only to generate profit by trading with it.

How do you get Bitcoins?

There are two ways to get Bitcoins: a simple and a complex one. I’m not going to talk about the complex method of mining here, as it requires a considerable investment in mining hardware. The simpler and faster option is to simply buy Bitcoins at one of the many exchanges at the current rate.

If you want to exchange euros or dollars for cryptocurrencies, you have to choose an exchange that also trades the so-called FIAT currencies. There are quite a few exchanges that only exchange cryptocurrencies with each other. A very popular crypto exchange with a very high trading volume where you can also buy bitcoins is Binance, for example.

Alternative cryptocurrencies for casino deposits

For the sake of completeness, I would like to mention a few alternative blockchains or crypto payment methods that have nothing to do with Bitcoin, but which can also be used to make deposits at various Bitcoin casinos. They also have many advantages and are attracting an ever-growing fan base. Here you can find many more crypto casinos.

– Ethereum

– Litecoin

– Dogecoin

– Dash

– Ripple

Conclusion: Good experiences with Bitcoin in the online casino

My Bitcoin casino experiences are consistently positive. There is now quite a good selection of BTC casinos (see full list of all Bitcoin casinos) and there are more and more. The payments go smoothly and once you understand how the payment confirmation is connected to the blockchain and the blocktime, you also have the patience to wait a few minutes for the receipt on the casino account.

On the other hand, the associated fees for transactions are significantly lower than with any other payment method. The very low fees also help the casino to be able to offer games competitively with an even smaller house advantage – and you as a player also benefit from this. The best German Bitcoin casinos have consistently high payout ratios and a huge game selection.

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