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Live casinos or “live” casinos offer the opportunity to play with real dealers without visiting a gambling establishment but using only an online resource.

  • Playing Against Human Dealers
  • Play On the Go
  • Cutting-Edge Tech
  • Technical Problems
  • Limited Game Library
  • Higher Minimum Bets

Live casinos or “live” casinos offer the opportunity to play with real dealers without visiting a gambling establishment but using only an online resource.

Real dealers are in special studios with video cameras, from where the game is broadcast. With the help of chat systems, a player can ask questions and place bets from his gadget from anywhere.

Differences between live casinos and online casinos

Users often confuse live casinos and online casinos. However, there are key differences between the platforms.

Although the user of a canadian live casino participates in games remotely, he interacts with real people. For example, the dice rolls in a best live online casino are determined by a random number generator, while in a live casino, the dealer is responsible for this. The result is also random, but the game takes longer as the dealer interacts with the users.

Moreover, developing live casinos takes much more time and investment. In the studio from which the broadcast is being conducted, there must be an operator and a croupier, and technology is also needed to communicate with the players.

What games are there in live casinos?

Today, live casinos offer most of the existing table games with familiar rules.

Live roulette

Live roulette is one of the most popular games in live casinos. The wheel is spun by a real stickman, in the role of which is most often an attractive girl. The player hears all the sounds created by the wheel’s rotation and the ball, and then he can decide whether he wants to continue the game.

Live poker

In live casinos, you can play the most popular type of poker – Texas Hold’em. Also, in each type of poker, there is a table for ordinary players and VIP-users: the client can always choose a table suitable for himself, based on the style of play and the bet’s size.

Live blackjack

Live blackjack offers players a wide variety of rules and deals, and one of the most popular options is the classic seven-card type. The gaming tables are often overcrowded, which makes the game more interesting.

Live baccarat

Baccarat with a live dealer allows the player to observe the process from several angles at once, as well as view statistics and previously made moves. Players have access to both the standard version of the game and the ultra-fast Speed Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze.

Benefits of playing live casino games

Let’s talk about the pros from two sides: regarding real casinos with a similar set of games, and regarding online games on the tables.

  • Realistic process
  • Feeling of presence
  • Maximum detail
  • Live communication
  • Truly a real dealer
  • 24/7 availability
  • Events are determined by chance
  • Strategy
  • Advanced functionality
  • Ability to observe without placing bets
  • Transparency of results
  • New! The virtual reality

Realistic process

This is the main advantage of live dealer games over similar software versions. Indeed, the developers have taken on live games only to build a true casino with its mouse-click environment and sounds.

The streaming of games with a dealer is actually carried out in real-time. Don’t join! Special studios or halls in actual casinos are fitted for shooting. The name always specifies this aspect, so that the player really has the opportunity to sit at the table of a real casino remotely.

When you shoot in a studio, live casino gear is still being used: card game or roulette tables, shuffle machines, true card decks etc.

Also, players note the realistic tempo. The pace of handing roulettes and cards is similar to that of a real casino. Many people appreciate this regularity. And for those who prefer more rates, studios with an accelerated process have already been created. You can recognize them by their name, for example, Speed ​​Roulette.

Feeling of presence

Live casinos are the right choice for users who want to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. In a “live” casino, players hear the sounds of cards or wheel spins and see a real table while being comfortable.

Maximum detail

Although live game studios have emerged quite recently, broadcast-quality has improved dramatically over the years. The operators use the equipment for shooting with the highest resolution. Different cameras provide different viewing angles: focus on the table, on the dealer’s face or hands, on the information fields.

Not so long ago, games with elements of slow motion and replays appeared: a separate camera in slow motion shows how the live dealer roulette wheel or the wheel of fortune stops, how the dealer’s hands open the cards.

This maximum detail gives great immersion in the game.

Live communication

Communication with real dealers and interacting with them make the game more interesting for many users. This is the main advantage for players who value communication in gambling halls, but for one reason or another cannot visit a land-based gambling establishment.

Truly a real dealer

Fans of physical casinos more commonly state that they enjoy the experience and contact with dealers among a casino’s benefits.

A professionally qualified person is not just a support worker at a poker table or roulette game, but also a friendly host who is engaged in chatting with and whom you like to look at.

A live dealer makes the game, not like many Online games, but a game with a buddy, which is more appealing.

Full availability

Like most online casino games, a game with a live dealer can be launched at any time of the day. Studios shoot around the clock, dealers, and film crews work in shifts.

When the desire to play arises, the player is separated from the realization by a couple of seconds. Many live games on every platform are eligible. The key point is to get Internet connectivity.

No dress code

A huge advantage over a real casino: you can play in any clothes, even on the beach, even in the home. Nobody sees the player, and he maintains complete confidentiality, even though he sees absolutely everything that happens at the gaming table.

Events are determined by chance

Fans of naturalism especially appreciate this advantage: no number generators are used in live games. Everything here is determined by a real case, as in a regular casino: the order of the cards in the deck, the ball’s speed, and the sector on which it falls.


By playing with live dealers at real tables, users have the opportunity to try new tactics and strategies to get the best result.

Also, “live” casinos offer players:

  • extended set of settings;
  • nice design;
  • no deception: cameras in the studio record all actions;
  • constant communication with the support service;

attention to the needs of the player.

Advanced functionality

Compared to software simulators and land-based casinos, live games studios offered an expanded set of bets and placed fields with statistics.

For example, Evolution even allows you to place bets on other users’ results at the table. It is also possible to save your favorite bets so that you do not waste time placing chips every time. Every day the number of such functions is increasing due to the combination of real and software capabilities.

Ability to observe without placing bets

This is a huge advantage over online casino software games. The player can watch the game endlessly without placing any bets. Basically, like in a real casino, a visitor can sit at a table where a game is already being played and watched. But at the same time, do not embarrass or annoy anyone.

Observation is ideal for those who practice strategies, as it allows them to draw conclusions based on someone else’s gaming experience. You can also skip moves or games, which is not available in software versions of casino table games.

Transparency of results

Shooting in real time, detailed visualization of all moments of the game, the real impact of the case allows you to see everything at a glance.

New! The virtual reality

In 2017, so far isolated developments began to appear, allowing a player to remotely sit at a casino’s real gambling table using virtual reality equipment.

The first to appear was virtual reality roulette. VR glasses are required to get the effect of presence. Later, card games with a live dealer and connected virtual reality began to appear. The trick of such games is that the player gets a 360-degree view of the studio and can move around the room.

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